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A bold retelling of the ancient text, which excavates the epic for a new era. The play examines the nature of conflict, betrayal, and victory through a contemporary lens—but what will the Aunties say?

Flexible cast size 1-10.

(Originally performed as a one person show by J Jha)

Far, Far Better Things

An adaptation and deconstruction of A Tale of Two Cities.. 

What do women owe each other?

Far, Far Better Things tells the tale of two women – Pilar, a Latina domestic worker, and Zoe, a young South Asian doctor – separated by class, race and the unspoken rules of modern womanhood. During a political period not unlike our own, the two women struggle to balance their responsibilities to their children, to themselves, and to each other. In the end they must decide if they are on the same or different sides of the struggle.

4W 1M


Safe House

Enter the isolation chamber of a stay-at-home mother raising a pair of profoundly different twins, June and July. As her world becomes smaller, she goes to extreme measures to survive the threats of the modern world. 

2W 2M

(with Lauren Gunderson)

HeLa evokes and explores the story of Henrietta Lacks, the African-American woman whose hard life and young death produced the most powerful line of immortal cells the world has ever seen. This lyrical theatrical mash up will explore the science, legacy, tragedy, poetry, and universal truths that one woman’s story and biology can offer the world.

4W 1M



A comedy about the fertility industry and the biological imperative.

2M 3W flexible

Blue God Countdown

Hyper-real exploration, four siblings of various ethnicities grapple with love, death, fate and each other in a complex interweaving of American family dynamics, Hindu mythology, and space travel.

3M 2W 


Girl In Box

A young girl steps into a home-made time machine and disappears... Or does she? An exploration of grief, possibility, friendship and the ultimate test of time..



Me Given You

An arranged marriage between a Math professor and a naive young Indian woman goes wrong when she turns out to be a serial killer.

3M 2W 


On A Wonderverse

What happens when you create a Universe? Working alone at night, a scientist makes an incredible discovery that challenges her beliefs and raises profound questions of right, ownership, responsibility, and power..

2W 2M



As his daughter writes an obituary, a man struggling with dementia is overwhelmed by memories and escapes from his world into ours. Watch.

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